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"I received the amp today, sounds great !  Still trying it and discovering things but I already find remarkable how it picks the slightest nuance of a Les Paul, I think I can hear my own breathing through it, it’s ridiculously accurate and dynamic to volume differences and the slightest touch., makes every amp I ever used feel like they have a cheap squashed compressor built into it."

"Hi Anthony! Just a follow up..

The Torque arrived a few days ago. Absolutely killer!

Here's the family picture (let me know if it doesn't attached) - great amps man. Thoroughly impressed! Super punchy and sensitive.

All the best!
Michael (Winnipeg, Canada). "


"I got it this morning and loaded it with the 65W creamback.  I'm having to pull myself away from it!  Good Lord what tone!  The cabinet is just like you said.  It sounds real close to a Marshall 4 x 12 cabinet.  The amp is unbelievable! I am awestruck by it!  Pure magic!  I tried a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 with it and a Gristle King (Greg Koch).  They sound great with the amp, just like they do with the old Marshall I have.  But, I removed them and wow!  I have the tone all the way up and have discovered the uniqueness of this amp is with the volume control.  I can get everything I need without the pedals.  It took me a while to discover the low power switch.  The amp behaves just the same way.  It will prevent me from getting kicked out the house. I am floored!"

"I’m blown away by the tone. I’m pretty jaded as I’ve owned A LOT of amps, but this one is something special. Thanks so much."

"I received the amp quite a while ago and I'm sorry for the late response. THE AMP IS AWESOME! Thank you so much for your amazing work. I build a cab for it and it looks almost as great as it sounds. It's tone and appearance are definitely going to turn some heads. If you want me to send some pictures of the cab with the amp, I'd be more than happy too."


"Thanks again for making this possible for me and I won't be getting rid of this amp for a long, long time!"

"Thanks!  No worries on the volume at all. Cliff told me this thing was a monster, and he was right.  Sounds great, and I may try that tube swap to get it to break up a little sooner.  Again, really appreciate all of your help these last few months.  Couldn't be happier with the final product."

"Still loving the amp.  Nothing but compliments when people hear it. Again, thanks for building this amazing amp for me."

"She came today. Great little amp with fat, true tone. Attack responsive and nicely warm. Thanks for the great amp."

"I stopped by Anthony's place last night to drop off a refret of his and swapped out my previous At Mars Amplification demo amp at the shop and took home a design of his that's blowing. my. mind. It's called The Convincer and.... man. At its brighter, twangier settings, it's Frankie Lee telling us to take him back... to th'country. When driven, I'm hearing Blake Mills, and I'm hearing Sparhawk's Black Eyed Snakes — Angus Young's 'Have a Drink on Me' comes to mind. When cleaned up and creamy, I'm hearing Wes MontgomeryThere's a half-power switch for the 6V6s under the hood, and the 25-watt Hellatone speaker is voiced between a Greenback and a G12H30 (which is what I put in my own Fender because they sound so great).

Like most of Tony's circuits, The Convincer retains a guitar's airy, woody quality — i.e., even though it's a decidedly electric guitar, the fundamental underlying acoustic act of the instrument still comes through. (For that matter, Erik Koskinen's deal where he plugs his acoustic through his Bluesbreaker would work *really* nicely through this, perhaps especially with a Baggs M80 in the soundhole.)

Anyway... very, very happy to have this in the shop, both for by own pleasure and to give my Hendrickson Guitars clients a chance to hear cool local work for themselves. If you'd like to have your guitar dialed in to its very best, I'm of course happy to help. But, even if you just wanna pop in sometime just to try out an amp this rad, I'm happy to find a good slot that works well. Thanks again, At Mars!!"

"Awesome sounding amp! This one will replace several others. I now have the sound I have been looking for. No need for me keep my Marshall JCM 800 anymore."

"I just purchased my seond At Mars amp, I now have both the Torque and the Specialist. They are two of my favorite amps ever,* beautiful sound, beautiful workmanship. Anthony is the real deal!* the only two amps I own that I like better ate 1966 Super Reverb andarshall."

""The At Mars sounds really great. The tone is huge, the notes seem fat and full, yet chords seem to hold together perfectly, even open chords. There’s a three dimensionality to the sound which I have not heard before with any amp I have tried. The harmonic overtones it produces are superb as is its dynamics and musical compression. Overall one of the very best amplifiers I have tried and I have tried a lot! If you ever make another one like the Specialist with a reverb you'll have another sale.”"

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