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At Mars: You can place an order directly with At Mars via any of the contact information on the website. Electronic payment methods are preferred with a deposit required to start a build. More details are provided on the FAQ page.

Destroy All Guitars: DAG is the only other site where you can place as custom order for At Mars Amps. Often they will have a few completed amps ready to ship immediately. Pricing is the same as At Mars but you get to tap into the unlimited knowledge base provided by Cliff Cultreri! Contact DAG at


Heads: The price of any version of an At Mars amp in head form is $1099 plus shipping.

Speaker Cabinets: An unloaded cab is $425 plus shipping. The speaker can be provided and installed by At Mars or provided and installed by you on your end.

Combos: The combo version of an At  Mars amp with stock speaker is $1499 plus shipping.


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